Mango Press is an independent news website and Podcast dedicated to original investigative journalism and analysis on politics and Imperialism.

Our Team

Mango Press is a collective of anti-imperialists from all over the world, committed to fighting the propaganda which comes out of the imperialist core. We publish articles written by our volunteer team, as well as guest writers; hosting podcasts on various topics, and producing video content. Follow our social media accounts to keep up to date with our latest work.


Mango Press is a totally independent journalistic initiative that does not take money from any government or government-backed group or individual. Our work relies on the support of individual donors and the hard work put in by our voluntary staff of writers and contributors. We do not profit from this work, we do this because we feel it is our duty to speak the truth in as world filled with fake news pushed for political gain. We value freedom of speech and the abilty to use our voice for the good of humanity.

Currently, all of our funding comes from our volunteer team themselves, as well as our supporters on Patreon.

Get Involved

Mango Press welcomes comments, inquiries, and contributions.

We welcome contributions in the form of writings, graphics, videos, translations of other works, and translation of our works, among other ways to contribute. Any contributions will be approved for publication via democratic approval by our voluntary team of editors.

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Republication Rights

Mango Press typically grants permission for republication of our articles & podcasts, as long as the republished article/podcast links back to the original article on our website. However, we ask that you first contact us to request permission to republish. We are also happy to grant general rights to republish our work to publications, just reach out to request this. Our goal is to have our work shared widely, so we welcome any and all requests to republish and will respond in a timely manner.