The Art of Artsy Marxist

Published: 25/01/2021

A picture speaks a thousand words of socialist theory. Socialist art with a message speaks thousands more. Mango Press is happy to publish art from Artsy Marxist, a revolutionary artist located in the United States. You can see more of her beautiful art work at her website:

Red Night

Oil on canvas.

Experiencing the collapse of capitalism and the world’s ecosystems has been an extremely traumatic experience for humanity as a whole. This painting is inspired by the experience of the record-setting wildfires in the southwestern United States, where drought has led to millions of acres being burned. The fire is so massive it seems to reach up to the stars. But the stars are also where hope lies: we have to keep dreaming of something better, and keep striving to reach it up until our dying moment or we will surely never get there. In order to end this degradation of nature and society we must reject absolute capitalism, and only the red of communism can bring about a sustainability that could allow humanity to thrive respectfully alongside nature.

Red Storm

Oil on canvas.

The fall of capitalism has led to many major anxieties and uncertainties for those that understand what is happening. No matter how much theory we read, nothing can quite prepare us for how bad things will get as the deterioration progresses. Things may be relatively still now, but there is a feeling of helplessness that comes with watching the unknown storm roll in. The forces of revolution and reactionary blowback will clash and roar, and all we can hope is that we will live to see the stillness and the stars again, but this time looking up from a better society.

El Negro Matapacos

Acrylic on canvas pad.

The story of El Negro Matapacos, the little Chilean dog who always fought on the side of protestors against the police, has reached across the planet. His courage in standing up to armed cops ten times his size to defend his comrades has made him the patron saint of protestors in the minds of many Chileans. Painting him was meant to be a symbol of protection for those protesting capitalism and all its evils across the world, many of whom have lost their lives in the struggle.

Marxist Leaders

Acrylic on canvas pad.

The 5 Marxist leaders with the red border. This is a commissioned piece of the five most respected Marxist leaders: Marx, Lenin, Sankara, Castro, and Minh.

Three Marxist women rising to the call of revolution.

Acrylic on canvas.

The second American revolution will be led by and for those our society oppresses the most: Women of Color. This was a commissioned piece meant to recognize the call of many Americans for the end of capitalism and to finally be free of their chains.

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