Who Is Zhang Zhan?

Published: 30/12/2020

When it comes to China, and socialist countries in general, you can guarantee what you read in the imperialist media is completely fabricated. To anti-imperialists, the maliciousness of western media, and the role that it plays in manufacturing consent for the imperialistic actions of the Five Eye governments, is nothing new. We have seen this playbook time and time again. Whether it be in regards to the war in Iraq, or the existence of Cuba; in regards to foreign policy there is no such thing as a private or independent actor in the media. China just so happens to be their main target of late, which is no surprise, as China continues to show the world the effectiveness of socialism, no less with their incredibly successful Poverty Alleviation Programme.

The latest imperialist news cycle sees the usual suspects in western media fawning over the imprisonment of “citizen journalist” – Zhang Zhan – who was supposedly “sentenced to four years in prison in Shanghai on Monday for her reporting on the coronavirus outbreak in the central Chinese city of Wuhan early this year.” We saw a flurry of articles being posted online by the biggest players in western media, all strongly condemning the actions of the authoritarian Chinese regime. Unsurprisingly, shortly after the publication of these articles, the EU and the US then demanded China release Zhang Zhan immediately, with US Secretary Mike Pompeo writing: “The United States strongly condemns the People’s Republic of China’s (PRC) sham prosecution and conviction of citizen journalist Zhang Zhan on December 28. We call on the PRC government to release her immediately and unconditionally.” EU foreign policy spokesman, Peter Stano, then went further, claiming, despite there being 0 evidence to suggest this other than a voluntary hunger strike, that Zhang Zhan had been “subject to torture and ill-treatment during her detention and her health condition has seriously deteriorated”.

What is clear to us when reading these articles is that there is very little information in regards to what Zhang Zhan was actually reporting on, only that she had been locked up for simply being a citizen journalist reporting on the Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan. The BBC, which is the UK’s state media, even said the following “There is no free media in China and authorities are known to clamp down on activists or whistleblowers seen as undermining the government’s response to the outbreak.(Editor: We know this to be a totally false statement as we have Chinese writers working for us, a free media group) This is quite the accusation, but readers are unlikely to go beyond the headlines and slogans, hence why our team decided to look into exactly what happened in regards to Zhang Zhan, and, as you will see, why the West are lying hypocrites yet again.

Pictured Above: Ms Zhang held a solo anti-socialist ‘umbrella protest’ in Shanghai to show she supported the fascist Christian missionary movement in Hong Kong. Her umbrella reads “End socialism, Take down the Communist Party of China” which landed her into trouble with the authorities.

As reported by our team on Twitter: “Zhang Zhan isn’t a journalist nor is she a ‘citizen journalist‘ (all journalists are citizens anyway, the capitalist media are using this term to add weight to Ms. Zhang’s ‘plight’). She’s a nuisance. We looked into the videos on found on Ms. Zhang’s YouTube channel. Ms. Zhang had an urge to travel to the city of Wuhan during the city’s lockdown and in many of her uploaded video’s Ms. Zhang attempts to break lockdown checkpoints, Calls police and key workers “fascists”, and rants about Covid19 conspiracy’s (such as the virus originating in a virology lab), The police ‘watching her’ and various other crazy rants. In one particular video, Ms. Zhang is attempting to break through a lockdown checkpoint (where positive cases are higher) and is filming herself arguing with people just trying to do their jobs and keep people safe during a pandemic.

The next video, (embedded below), shows Ms. Zhang filming through a window at Hubei General Hospital at the height of the overload of hospital admissions. This is a gross invasion of privacy and again is directly impacting the lives of people who are trying to keep people safe from a deadly virus, in this instance doctors. This shows no respect for those suffering from the virus, and it is quite ironic that someone complaining about the epidemic prevention measures feels it is okay to film and disturb people at their most vulnerable. This is the behaviour of a serial nuisance, Not a journalist – Journalists do not film through the windows of hospitals and especially without the permission of the patients they are filming. This is a gross example of Ms Zhang’s lack of professionalism.

The next video again shows Zhang Zhan at a medical checkpoint, only this time her actions are more malicious and she actually attempts to destroy the checkpoint by vandalising the barrier, which is again a measure in place to try and keep people safe. In this video, she says (in Mandarin) “Can we humans be treated like animals and locked up whenever the government pleases? My resistance to the government has grown. Why are fascist controls being used on Chinese people?” Currently, the UK and many other western countries are in strict lockdowns, and there are penalties or fines and imprisonment for breaking lockdown rules and endangering people’s lives in doing so. There are many instances of people in the west kicking up a fuss about simple things such as having to wear a mask in public, or about the lockdown measures, and rightfully these people are laughed at and mocked through trends like ‘#Covidiots, they are even imprisoned and fined. So why are anti-lockdown conspiracy theorists celebrated when they are in China?

The final video shows Zhang Zhan harassing a traffic police officer who is just asking simple questions about why she is attempting to break lockdown rules and filming herself doing so. Here she is directly asked “are you a journalist”, to which she replies “I’ve already told you I’m not a journalist”. So there you have heard it from her own mouth, she is not a citizen journalist. Instead, she is a conspiracy theorist and a nuisance, who attempts to break lockdown rules and endanger lives. China has dealt with the Covid outbreak significantly better than the west, proving that these lockdown measures were effective and saved lives. If Zhang Zhan had her way, many more Chinese people would be affected by the virus, and the death toll would be significantly higher. Ms. Zhang is a Christian zealot. In many of her uploads to her YouTube she is talking into the camera about how “Christ bears the sins of everyone” and how only Christ himself can save people. She also has a strong tendency towards martyrdom and in May of this year she became that Martyr herself, but not for God & Christendom but for the western media when she was arrested for ‘picking quarrels and provoking trouble’ which is the western equivalence of a charge of breach of the peace or public disorder. The western media jumped on her case and decided that Ms. Zhang was a ‘Citizen Journalist’ who was being “oppressed by an authoritarian dictatorship” (the classic buzzwords). She has since attempted hunger strikes several times during her detention and has had to be force-fed while in custody (which some western reporters have been claiming is torture!) She was also was assessed by psychiatric doctors during her detention as she kept talking about Jesus, the Bible & God.

Ms. Zhang was put on trial in a closed court this week and sentenced to 4 years in jail for her serial nuisance behavior, endangering life during a pandemic, and attempt at spreading conspiracy. Of course, the western media is having a field day and writing their own narrative to portray Zhang Zhan as a hero. Something we know isn’t true in the slightest! Nobody should have any ill feelings towards Ms. Zhang, She is a lost soul, someone searching for something – She needs help and we hope that she gets help to live a happy life. There is no need for her to act paranoid, create conspiracies or believe she is a martyr for Jesus or god. We have ill feelings towards her story being spun into something its not. The opportunism and frankly, malpractise of western journalism. It is this fact alone that workers around the world should be angry about!

Real ‘citizen journalists’ or ‘whistleblowers’ are people like Snowden and Chelsea Manning, who are exposing war crimes, mass surveillance, and human rights abuses. People who speak out about things or events that we, the citizens of the world, deserve to know. To compare a serial nuisance and religious conspiracist such as Ms Zhang Zhan to them is a damn insult. A more appropriate comparison to Ms Zhang would be with those who film themselves getting kicked out of a store or restaurant because they refuse to follow lockdown rules and wear a mask. She is a tortured soul and is being used as a useful idiot, and a pawn in the wests never-ending attacks on China, the Chinese people, and socialist forms of governance. The west needs to learn to pick better heroes!

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